For the most part, the only thing really newsworthy around here is when I post a new pattern or project. Since announcing a new post with another post would be more than a little redundant, this section is primarily for those times when I’ve made significant changes to the site or am announcing the arrival of a new Tipster.

Welcome to The Crafty Tipster!

I would like to welcome new visitors to The Crafty Tipster and thank those of you who have stopped by and taken a moment or two to drop me a line. I hope you find my growing collection of original and vintage craft projects, patterns and ideas useful. A second original doily pattern is in the works and hopefully, it will be as well received as the Easy Crochet Doily Pattern was. There a number of nice crochet patterns I am putting the finishing touches and there are a number of great vintage crochet and knitting patterns ready to be added as well. Have you considered becoming a Tipster? Please visit Become a Tipster to learn more.

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