Crochet Techniques

The Crafty Tipster will share crochet techniques, tips and general advice that can help both novice and experienced crocheters with their craft.

For now, there are only a few crochet tutorials in this section, but you will quickly find them becoming part of virtually every crochet project you make. The most popular post on all of The Crafty Tipster is our magic circle crochet ring tutorial. You’ll also find and English crochet stitch guide and a great way to make a professional looking finished edge.

Currently, plans do not include a stitch guide for crochet, but if there’s enough interest we might add one at a later date.

Featured Crochet Techniques Tutorials & Projects

Latest Crochet Techniques Tutorials & Projects

Threading Beads Onto Yarn

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A quick, easy and cheap way to thread beads onto yarn or thread when your needle is either too big for the beads or too small for the thread.

Crochet Edging Tutorial

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A quick and easy drooping picot stitch can make a charming crochet edging for your next project.

English Crochet Stitch Guide

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Several of the vintage crochet pattern books where I found the old patterns on The Crafty Tipster make use of the English style of crochet. More modern crocheters will easily recognize the stitches but when it comes to the definitions of single, double and treble crochet the number of loops may differ. With that in mind, I’ve included here a guide to those English crochet stitches that were employed for the vintage crochet patterns from the text The Handbook of Wool Knitting and Crochet.

Finished Edge

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Finished Crochet Edge

A simple technique to add a nice finished edge on your crochet pieces.

Magic Circle

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Crochet Magic Circle

Making a perfect crochet circle is easy if you know this sneaky technique known as the magic circle.