There’s so many wonderful, and sadly not so wonderful, arts and crochet supplies. There’s cool new stuff coming out almost daily. They’re so tempting, but, you could quickly go broke trying everything.

It can be a gadget claiming to make your art or craft quicker, easier, neater etc. Or it might be something to make your project oh so much cooler. Or it could be a new yarn, thread, or just about anything that goes into whatever it is you create.

You get the point.

Perhaps, I should just say…

Here’s where I write about stuff I’ve bought. Was it worth the price? Will the item gain a permanent place in my work area? Or, did it go back to the seller or into the garbage can?

Honest Reviews

I will always tell you if I received the product being reviewed for free or at a reduced cost. So far, there’s only one project/review where the vendor send me the product – Coloring a Glass Block. The rest are items I have purchased from either Amazon, a local shop, a discount/closeout store, or a thrift store.