One of the most exciting new things in the world of crochet is the charming little creations known as Amigurumi. Originating in Japan, they have spread across the world and have launched something of a sub-culture in the crochet world. The understuffed, floppy, and unattractive looking stuffed animals of yesterday are thankfully gone and now happy and cute Amigurumi have taken over. In fact, when viewing Japanese language websites with the translator in many web browsers the word Amigurumi is often translated to a phrase that includes the word Happy.

Amigurumi is a style of crochet where stuffed items are created primarily using circles and spirals. While the clever and sometimes complex Amigurumi look challenging, they are primarily created using only single and double crochet. This makes Amigurumi something that new crocheters as well as experienced ones can enjoy.

Many are trying crochet for the first time after seeing the charming Amigurumi animals and other items other people have made.

Crochet Amigurumi Octopus Pattern

This little Amigurumi Octopus is easy to make and only uses the chain and single crochet stitches. There are two versions - stuffed and unstuffed. And while I used buttons for eyes you might want to crochet or embroider your eyes. This amigurumi project is also a great stashbuster as it takes only a small amount of yarn to make. So without further adeu, let's get started.

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