Spool Knitting Projects

In this section, you’ll find a number of free spool knitting projects from The Crafty Tipster.

I don’t remember using a spool knitter or round loom as a child but I must admit that I have found them to be fun now that I’m older. We have only a few projects here right now but hopefully they will inspire you to create something clever with your spool knit cord or web.

Latest Spool Knitting Projects Tutorials & Projects

Spool Knitting Project – Soap Covers

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This super quick and easy tutorial for a spool knitting project to make soap covers. Glam up your soap or just make your own personal scrubby. Rub-a-dub-dubbing in the tub was never so much fun.

Spool Knit Hat Pattern

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Another of the wonderful vintage spool knitting patterns from Mary A. McCormack, the Spool Knit Hat pattern comes with instructions for making a knit dolly hat and a knit child’s hat.

What little girl wouldn’t love having her favorite dolly’s hat or bonnet match her own?

Spool Knit Doll Skirt Pattern

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The great thing about this spool knitted doll skirt pattern is it is so easily adaptable for any size doll. The doll skirt pattern dates back to 1909. Little girls today should have even more fun making skirts for their dolls with all of the new pretty colors and textures of yarn available.

Lotsa Loops Spool Knit Cat Toy

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A quick and clever cat toy made from spool knit cord that is perfect for kids to make for their feline friends.

Spool Knit Circular Mat

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A vintage spool knitting project that takes 2-post cording and uses it to create a flat mat.