Spool knitting or round web knitting has been around for generations. Problem is there are not that many places that explain the basics of starting and ending off the knit web that is created.

The spool knitting tutorials included here will show you how to start making round web in all shapes and sizes. We’ll even show you how to use a round loom to make flat web!

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How to Spool Knit

How to Spool Knit

Spool knitting has been around for generations and is seeing a resurgence in popularity. Lucky for us crafters there are tons of companies making tools to make this crafter faster and easier than ever. This tutorial will explain the basic use of the spool knitter, how to start your cord and how to end your finished spool knit piece.

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Flat Web Version 2

Round weaving looms/spool knitters can make a nice flat piece by simply not going all the way around the loom. This crafting tutorial will show you how to make a tightly woven, knit-like fabric with your round loom.

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