Doilies are one of those items where crocheters can really show off their stitch repertoire.

The free crochet doily patterns here represent both vintage and original modern creations from The Crafty Tipster. There’s something for every skill level. We have a pair of original easy crochet doily patterns, several highly intricate vintage crochet doily patterns and a few additional doily and crochet motif patterns.

I love doily patterns. Change the thread and the needle to create a totally different look. Do just a few rows and instead of a doily, you might have a crochet flower or snowflake. Follow the entire pattern or just follow parts of it.

Vintage Crochet Doily Pattern #3

It's been over 120 years since this crochet doily pattern was published which is good news for us because that puts it firmly in the public domain. This vintage doily consists of a central flower medallion and is surrounded by leaves and petals. I'm working on the pattern and know that the central crochet flower is quite pretty and could easily be used alone.

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Double Ring Doily

Free Double Ring Doily Pattern designed for new crocheters with simple stitches and limited counting. Based on a vintage pattern with my own touches.

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Unique, Vintage Crochet Doily Pattern

Olive Squares is another vintage crochet doily pattern I've found. The original pattern designer suggests using this pattern to make a counterpane. To me, the pattern is interesting enough to be made into a doily or pillow cover.

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Vintage Crochet Doily Pattern

The Mat for Flower Vase is one of several patterns from The Lady's Album of Fancy Work. This vintage crochet doily pattern, along with a number of others was first published in 1850.

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Easy Crochet Doily Pattern

When designing this easy crochet doily pattern, The Crafty Tipster wanted to keep the counting and fussy stitching to a minimum to make it easier for first-time doily makers and a quickie pattern for more experienced hookers.

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