I so love Christmas. People just seem generally happier. Crafters are making gifts, decorations and treats for each other and the people they love. There just seems like there’s a bit of magic in the air.

It’s my hope that the Christmas projects that I’ve posted here on The Crafty Tipster will bring some Christmas spirit to others. From paper crafts, to crochet and hopefully a bit in between, I’m hoping there’s a Christmas ornament, Christmas decoration or other project that you’ll invite into your Christmas activities this year.

Scrap Yarn Ornaments

The great yarn art debacle of 2016. A simple-looking craft that's clearly harder than it looks. My guide to wasting time with yarn and frustrating your Mom.

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Polish Star Ornaments

Polish star ornaments are cheap and easy to make yet create a lovely Christmas decoration for your tree. Tutorial and project ideas included.

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Wrapping Paper Storage Solution

Tubes of wrapping paper are bulky, fragile and take up a lot of space but not if you use this cheap wrapping paper storage idea from TheCraftyTipster.com. For our family it was one of those Eureka moments and one that you will hopefully find as useful as we do.

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Christmas Embroidery Alphabet Pattern

A wonderful vintage Christmas embroidery pattern - a full set of the alphabet (well, one with only two letters missing, anyway) that you could use for all sorts of Christmas items - embroidered towels, Christmas ornaments, greeting cards, the list is virtually endless.

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Crochet Santa
Crochet Santa

Crochet Santa

Meet our first Amigurumi-inspired Santa Claus. The pattern and instructions are a little long, but are fairly easy. Even the beginner should be able to make this crochet Santa. An alternate placement of the eyes is included.

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