Free crochet flower patterns – both vintage and original designs can be found in this section of The Crafty Tipster.

Crochet flowers are some of the easiest and most fun crochet items to make. It’s no wonder crochet flower patterns have become some of the most popular crochet patterns available. The yarn flowers are used for everything from embellishments for scrapbook pages to pins and hat decorations.

Crochet Flower Pattern – Morning Glory

Pretty, easy and super quick two-color crochet flower pattern. With each layer only requiring around 6 feet of yarn, it's a perfect way to use up those odd bits and pieces you love too much to throw out but are too small for much else.

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Irish Crochet Flower Pattern

This free crochet flower pattern uses two basic techniques common to Irish crochet and could easily be used as the basis for a doily or other larger pattern. The pattern works with crochet thread up to an all-purpose 4-ply acrylic.

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Crochet Flower Pattern – Forget Me Not

This free crochet flower pattern was inspired by a vintage crochet flower pattern that is part of the crochet flower basket pattern. I thought the flower cup portion of the pattern was too small, so I made mine differently and have included my changes here.

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Free Crochet Rose Pattern

Many crochet doily patterns feature roses. This free crochet rose pattern is inspired by several vintage doily patterns and makes up quick and easy in all of the yarns I tried.

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Crochet Flower with 9 Petals

This free crochet flower pattern makes up fairly quickly and creates a pretty flower that would make a great addition to a crochet hat, purse or sweater. The size of your crochet flower will be completely dependent upon the thickness of the yarn you use. My flower was made using a typical 4-ply worsted acrylic and is around 4 inches wide.

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