Vintage Crafts

I decided to include a section on The Crafty Tipster which indexed all of the free vintage craft projects that appear across the site.

The vintage crochet, knitting, spool knitting and craft projects in this category are all quite old but their appeal is timeless. I see many of the techniques, styles and shaping being incorporated into modern patterns and were I to post some of these patterns with new pictures, I doubt that many would know their true age.

My research of copyright law and the materials themselves would indicate that all of the patterns in this section are in fact in the public domain and may be used however you wish. My designation of public domain follows the copyright laws of the United States and if you live elsewhere, you may wish to confirm the pattern’s status in your own country with the information provided.

I hope that you can utilize these public domain craft projects and would love to see how they turn out for you. If you have any suggested corrections or find any instructions that could use clarification or further explanation, please leave your comments on that post so that others may benefit from your advice.

Most importantly, have fun!

Latest Vintage Crafts Tutorials & Projects

Cross Stitch Bug Pattern

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This embroidery pattern may be over 100 years old but its appeal is timeless. This cross stitch bug pattern is easy to stitch and quite pretty when done.

Vintage Crochet Doily Pattern

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Wonderfully looped and stylized vintage crochet doily pattern. It uses only three stitches but it still looks like it might pose a challenge to even experienced crocheters.

Easy Crochet Doily Pattern #2

(28,101 views and 6 Comments)


Our first Easy Doily Pattern was truly a Crafty Tipster original pattern. Our second easy crochet doily is a vintage design where I’ve rewritten the pattern and added instructions on how to begin and end each row to make it easier for beginning crocheters.

Ladies Knitted Long-Sleeved Sweater Pattern

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This lovely vintage knit cardigan-style long-sleeve sweater looks quite stylish and the instructions don’t appear to utilize any complicated stitches or methods – at least to this non-knitter, anyway. It does require several different sized knitting needles.

Vintage Knit Baby Set Knitting Pattern

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This pretty little baby set is from a vintage knitting pattern. It appears to use two different colors of yarn and seems like the instructions are fairly straight-forward.

English Crochet Stitch Guide

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Several of the vintage crochet pattern books where I found the old patterns on The Crafty Tipster make use of the English style of crochet. More modern crocheters will easily recognize the stitches but when it comes to the definitions of single, double and treble crochet the number of loops may differ. With that in mind, I’ve included here a guide to those English crochet stitches that were employed for the vintage crochet patterns from the text The Handbook of Wool Knitting and Crochet.

Vintage Knitting Pattern – Ladies Gloves with Fancy Backs

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This vintage knitting pattern to make a pair of fancy ladies gloves dates back to 1918. Again, it might be a bit tricky determining the right yarn/needle combination but it seems like you could see how the main glove fits over your hand without having to invest too much time before testing.

Vintage Sweater Knitting Pattern

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This vintage knitting pattern creates a coat measuring twenty-six inches from shoulder to hem but unfortunately does not provide any other measurements. The original pattern claimed, “It may easily be made longer, if desired, but the model is an excellent one for ordinary wear, and very “natty,” and it has the merit of being quickly knitted.” Since I don’t knit I will have to take the author’s word for that unless someone lets me know otherwise.

Vintage Knit Sleeveless Sweater Pattern

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This sleeveless jacket is a vintage knitting pattern that dates back to 1918. With a cinched-type waist, it looks very much like the styles in the stores today and might make a great addition to your wardrobe.

Spool Knit Hat Pattern

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Another of the wonderful vintage spool knitting patterns from Mary A. McCormack, the Spool Knit Hat pattern comes with instructions for making a knit dolly hat and a knit child’s hat.

What little girl wouldn’t love having her favorite dolly’s hat or bonnet match her own?

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