It’s odd really that this area of The Crafty Tipster would be the smallest. Whether I’m sewing or crocheting, my favorite things to make are usually stuffed.

I’m hoping to get far more active on this site and even share some of my stuffed bears and other animals shortly.

Stay tuned. They’re already being made.

A Trio of Bears

A special request for a purple crochet bear led to my latest favorite bear. It's made a special lady very happy too. Learn more about his story and his two little friends too.

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Wee Bunnies

Celebrate spring and surprise someone or treat yourself to a wee little bunny by Michele. Super cute pocket-sized bunnies that will steal your heart.

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Felt Elephant Pattern

Felt elephant pattern with a decorated blanket and hat. Free pattern created by and designed to allow your own creativity to shine.

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Felt Stuffed Cat

My attempt at Sue Daniel's wonderful felt stuffed cat pattern. A sassy kitty atop a pillow requiring lots of tiny stitches and only a few dabs of glue.

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