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The Crafty Tipster is all about crafters sharing their knowledge with others. Most everyone I know who does an art or craft were inspired by a friend or family member who shared their love for the that type of work. It is with this hand-me-down, word-of-mouth knowledge exchange that The Crafty Tipster was formed.

To become a Tipster, all you have to do is design a new and original project, write instructions on how to construct it, and provide at minimum a picture of the finished project. Pictures that help convey how the project is made would make for an even better project!

What you get for being a Tipster. At this time, we are not able to offer financial compensation in exchange for your project ideas. However, The Crafty Tipster is part of a family of craft related websites that include Crafty Tips and Blog About Crafts. Anyone who submits a project will receive a bio with links at the end of their project, a featured listing to their blog, Etsy shop, or website on Crafty Tips, and an article about them and their craftiness on Blog About Crafts.

Your Craft Isn’t Here?

The Crafty Tipster plans on continually expanding to include many types of crafts. If you have an original project or tutorial that does not fit one of our current categories and would like to share it on The Crafty Tipster please let us know. We would be glad to create a new project category to showcase your craft project or how to.

Show Off Your Craftiness

Have you made any of the great free projects showcased on The Crafty Tipster? What to show them off? Simply e-mail us a picture of the finished piece and your comments about the project and your work will be displayed at the end of the free pattern. If you have a website, we would be glad to link to it as well.

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  1. This was enjoyable. Thanks for putting this site out there for all us crafty folks.

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