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Wide Pouf Crochet Flower Pattern

Free crochet flower pattern for a pin-wheel type arrangement of petals. This flower is only 3 rounds and is quick and easy to make.


Threading Beads Onto Yarn

A quick, easy and cheap way to thread beads onto yarn or thread when your needle is either too big for the beads or too small for the thread.


Vintage Crochet Doily Pattern #3

It’s been over 120 years since this crochet doily pattern was published which is good news for us because that puts it firmly in the public domain. This vintage doily consists of a central flower medallion and is surrounded by leaves and petals. I’m working on the pattern and know that the central crochet flower is quite pretty and could easily be used alone.


Crochet Flower Pattern – Morning Glory

Pretty, easy and super quick two-color crochet flower pattern. With each layer only requiring around 6 feet of yarn, it’s a perfect way to use up those odd bits and pieces you love too much to throw out but are too small for much else.

Embroidery Stitches & Designs


Quilt-Like Floral Embroidery Designs

Four designs that were part of a book on learning to draw are great floral embroidery designs for quilts, embroidery projects or felt-work.


Christmas Palm Tree Embroidery

A vintage embroidery pattern gets a modern interpretation with this Christmas Palm Tree embroidery pattern from The Crafty Tipster and her Mom.


Felt Embroidery

A bit of scrap fabric and an embroidery hoop might just be the secret to speeding up your projects and making them a bit more durable.


Threading Beads Onto Yarn

A quick, easy and cheap way to thread beads onto yarn or thread when your needle is either too big for the beads or too small for the thread.

Family Crafts


Snowflake Ballerinas

A slightly new take on an already great idea – snowflake ballerinas. Add a bit of glitter and these girls really shine.


Make Your Own Silhouettes & Cameos

With a few simple photo editing tricks and some careful scissor work, you too can make your own silhouette or cameo style pieces.



Have you tried Zendoodling or Tangles yet? It has become one of the hottest trends in the arts and crafts world. Best of all, you don’t need any special tools or training to give it a go. And, thanks to a wonderful artist from Texas and her infectious sense of humor, I had the gumption to give it a go. My results? I’m not ready for a one woman show but I will share my work in public.


Glass Block Project – Color!

A sample DecoBloc Glass Block for Crafting & a Pinterest find lead to a great and colorful glass block project that only requires Mod Podge and food coloring. It came out so cool that I might not add anything else to my glass block and just use it like a piece of art glass.

Vintage Knitting Patterns


Ladies Knitted Long-Sleeved Sweater Pattern

This lovely vintage knit cardigan-style long-sleeve sweater looks quite stylish and the instructions don’t appear to utilize any complicated stitches or methods – at least to this non-knitter, anyway. It does require several different sized knitting needles.


Vintage Knit Baby Set Knitting Pattern

This pretty little baby set is from a vintage knitting pattern. It appears to use two different colors of yarn and seems like the instructions are fairly straight-forward.


Vintage Knitting Pattern – Ladies Gloves with Fancy Backs

This vintage knitting pattern to make a pair of fancy ladies gloves dates back to 1918. Again, it might be a bit tricky determining the right yarn/needle combination but it seems like you could see how the main glove fits over your hand without having to invest too much time before testing.


Vintage Sweater Knitting Pattern

This vintage knitting pattern creates a coat measuring twenty-six inches from shoulder to hem but unfortunately does not provide any other measurements. The original pattern claimed, “It may easily be made longer, if desired, but the model is an excellent one for ordinary wear, and very “natty,” and it has the merit of being quickly knitted.” Since I don’t knit I will have to take the author’s word for that unless someone lets me know otherwise.

Spool Knitting


Spool Knitting Project – Soap Covers

This super quick and easy tutorial for a spool knitting project to make soap covers. Glam up your soap or just make your own personal scrubby. Rub-a-dub-dubbing in the tub was never so much fun.


Spool Knit Hat Pattern

Another of the wonderful vintage spool knitting patterns from Mary A. McCormack, the Spool Knit Hat pattern comes with instructions for making a knit dolly hat and a knit child’s hat.

What little girl wouldn’t love having her favorite dolly’s hat or bonnet match her own?


Spool Knit Doll Skirt Pattern

The great thing about this spool knitted doll skirt pattern is it is so easily adaptable for any size doll. The doll skirt pattern dates back to 1909. Little girls today should have even more fun making skirts for their dolls with all of the new pretty colors and textures of yarn available.


Lotsa Loops Spool Knit Cat Toy

A quick and clever cat toy made from spool knit cord that is perfect for kids to make for their feline friends.

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