Weaving In Ends

weaving in ends, reviewing the tools

Love to crochet but hate weaving in ends? I’ve tried every kind of needle I could find. One stunk, several were just OK, but I did find my new fave too.

Susan Bates Finishing Needles

Discussions on weaving in ends with knitting and crochet. My review of Susan Bates Finishing Needles. Others love them but they’re not for me.

Seems like a good idea but there are far better options out there.

Weaving in Ends with Sewing Needles

A conversation about the different types of sewing needles and using them to weave in ends and finish crochet and knit pieces.

A review of hand needles from traditional darning needles to upholstery needles, bent-tip needles and a little bit of everything in between.