Susan Bates Finishing Needles

Discussions on weaving in ends with knitting and crochet. My review of Susan Bates Finishing Needles. Others love them but they’re not for me.

Seems like a good idea but there are far better options out there.

Weaving in Ends with Sewing Needles

A conversation about the different types of sewing needles and using them to weave in ends and finish crochet and knit pieces.

A review of hand needles from traditional darning needles to upholstery needles, bent-tip needles and a little bit of everything in between.

Bleach Pen Crafts

Create a mehndi look on clothing or adorn a pair of jeans with these bleach pen crafts. One expert also shares how to neutralize the bleach too.

Scrap Yarn Ornaments

The great yarn art debacle of 2016. A simple-looking craft that’s clearly harder than it looks. My guide to wasting time with yarn and frustrating your Mom.