Overcast Stitch Tutorial

overcastThe overcast stitch is used in two ways – to create a dimensional line of a narrow width or to finish an edge.

How to Sew the Overcast Stitch

Like the satin stitch, the overcast stitch is made with uprigth stitches and is best made with the fabric in an embroidery hoop or frame.

Run or couch down a thread on the traced line. Cover this line of thread with close upright stitches, picking up as little material as possible each time in order to make the line clear and round.

eyelet-cutout1This example shows how the overcast stitch can be used to create cutwork and protect the fabric from unraveling.

When using the overcast stitch to finish an edge or with cutwork embroidery, more of the fabric is included in each stitch to hold the warp threads together.

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