Flat Web – 2 Posts

Flat Web Spool Knitting - 2 Pegs
Flat Web Spool Knitting - 2 Pegs

The spool knitting technique to create a flat 2-stitch wide web is quite simple. These instructions were first published in 1909 and include a bit of updating by The Crafty Tipster.

These instructions assume you know the basic spool knitting technique. Visit how to spool knit if you need a refresher.

Begin in the same way as for round web (the basic stitch), but after carrying the first or lower stitch over the second stitch on each post, bring the yarn back around the same post, and over to the post on the opposite side and make your next stitch.

In spool knitting flat webs, two stitches must always be left on the end posts, and these two are carried over the third stitch and dropped over the post in working back and forth.

It requires eleven yards of yarn to make one yard of flat web on the two-post knitter.

From The Crafty Tipster

The original instructions for making flat web showed it being made on a two peg/post knitting spool. When I tried using more pegs this spool knitting technique made a very thick rope that used much more time, yarn and effort than I thought it was worth. I used my trusty 6-peg spool knitter in the photo and used two pegs. The spool knit flat web I made was loose and even. Depending on your plans, a 4-peg or 2-peg spool will probably be a better choice when using this spool knitting technique to create a flat web.

The biggest trick with spool knitting flat web is to remember which way you are making your loops. When you pull the two loops on the post over the third stitch it is hard to see which way you had been going when you make the second loop around the post. I’ve found that if I rest the working end of the yarn to the side of the far post that I would normally travel to make my figure eights that I remember which way I was going around the pegs.

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