Crochet Flower with 9 Petals

crochet-flower-9This free crochet flower pattern makes up fairly quickly that would make a great addition to a crochet hat, purse or sweater.

The petal edges have a slight curve which gives this flower a bit of dimension.

This pattern works for any weight yarn and looks far prettier in person than my picture shows.

Please Note: This pattern has been updated since it was first posted. I discovered an error and have since edited the instructions and replaced the picture to remove the error as well as make the pattern easier to follow. This version looks much prettier than the original as well.

Making Your 9-Petaled Crochet Flower

Whether you use the magic circle technique or a more traditional method, this pattern starts with a central circle of one chain of 3 stitches and 8 double crochet stitches. (Double crochet – one loop on hook prior to making stitch.)

Close double crochet row with a slip stitch.

Crochet Flower Pattern – Petal 1:

Chain 2, two double crochet in the gap between the chain 3 and the first double crochet on the ring, chain 3 and turn the piece. 1 double crochet in first stitch and make two double crochet in 2nd stitch. Chain 2 and turn.

Petal Tips

The petal edges are harder to explain than they are to make. Hopefully this makes sense…

Begin making a double crochet in the last stitch of the previous row. Instead of working all of the loops on the hook off in two sets of two, only work off the first set of two. As you make each successive stitch in the row, you should gain an extra loop on your hook.

Make two of these stitches in the second double crochet of the previous row. (You should now have 4 loops on your hook.)

Make one of these stitches in the 1st double crochet of the previous row. (You should have 5 loops on your hook.)

Yarn over and pull through all 5 loops.

Chain 2 and slip stitch into the last stitch in the previous row/the chain 3. Go through loops, not the chain 3 gap.

Make 3-4 slip stitches down the side of the petal (in the stitches not the gaps) to the circle and finally make a slip stitch back into the same stitch where you made the original pair of double crochet stitches.

Crochet Flower Petals 2 – 9:

Slip stitch into gap of next double crochet on ring, chain 2 and make two double crochet in the gap.

Chain 3 and turn.

1 double crochet in first stitch and make two double crochet in 2nd stitch. Chain 2 and turn.

Follow the Flower Petal Instructions from row 1.

Repeat until you have a total of 8 petals.

After making the slip stitch into the double crochet pair at the base of the last petal, make a slip stitch into the stitch on the circle where the first petal begins. End off.

To make your crochet flower petals more consistently spaced, you might need to work the tails of your yarn to tie the first and last petals slightly together.

Crochet Flower Finishing Suggestions

I tried making a finished crochet edge and while it did make the edges of the petals look smoother, it ruined the overall look of the flower. It took away the slight curl on the top of the petals. Depending upon how you plan on using your crochet 8-petal flower, you might want to give it a try anyway.

Never crochet directly into one of the chain 3 gaps. It will only exaggerate the gap and cause your petals to be misshapen.

You could also replace all of the double crochet stitches with half double crochet stitches. Keep the top row of the petals the same but replace all of the other chain 3s with chain 2s and use three slip stitches down the side of the petals to create a flower with shorter petals.

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