Felt Rose Pattern

Free felt rose pattern from The Crafty Tipster. Not really a pattern as much as a technique. Roses are super simple and quick to make and can be any size.

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Felt Elephant Pattern

Felt elephant pattern with a decorated blanket and hat. Free pattern created by TheCrafyTipster.com and designed to allow your own creativity to shine.

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Polish Star Ornaments

Polish star ornaments are cheap and easy to make yet create a lovely Christmas decoration for your tree. Tutorial and project ideas included.

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Glass Block Project – Color!

A sample DecoBloc Glass Block for Crafting & a Pinterest find lead to a great and colorful glass block project that only requires Mod Podge and food coloring. It came out so cool that I might not add anything else to my glass block and just use it like a piece of art glass.

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Wrapping Paper Storage Solution

Tubes of wrapping paper are bulky, fragile and take up a lot of space but not if you use this cheap wrapping paper storage idea from TheCraftyTipster.com. For our family it was one of those Eureka moments and one that you will hopefully find as useful as we do.

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