Vintage Embroidery Designs

I stumbled across some great vintage embroidery designs in a vintage magazine that I thought might prove useful. These designs were added to trims and edgings on garments in 1860.






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  1. Jane

    Thanks for this information and images. I wonder how we can know when emboidery patterns no longer have copyright restrictions?
    You mention that these beauties cam from a magazine and are not copyright. How can one know whether copyright applies or not?

    1. Michele

      Hi Jane,

      To some extent, copyright only matters if you plan to use your work publicly. If, however, you are making something that will be for your use alone or even a gift for someone else’s private use; it doesn’t matter as much. This does defy the spirit of the laws of copyright and what they are designed to protect but it is virtually unenforceable.

      But, if you with to sell your embroidery or embroidery pattern that makes use of someone else’s design or image, then you must be concerned about copyright.

      I talk at length about copyright laws on my Free Vintage Images website which, by the way, would make a great place for an embroiderer to look for safe images to use in their work.

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