My First Art Doll

daisy-skirtShe started out as a little fairy, the kind made with thin wire and silk flower petals that are so popular right now on Pinterest. The wire I had handy was a bit too thick for that. So, on to plan B.

Plan B was born. The arms and legs were on the big side. I couldn’t put my hand on the right sized bead. Now, I had to make a head. Through a bit of trial and error, I had a head with a neck. The face. I hate doing faces. So, my girl still doesn’t have a face.

So, I moved on to clothing. I started crocheting a dress. That didn’t look right, so it became her slip. Felt skirt? Great idea but it wasn’t heavy enough to fall nicely. Some beads along the edge for weight and it started laying flatter. A bit of beaded daisy chain, phew what a fiddly mess that is, and now I have a daisy skirt for my budding art doll.

A bit of scrap felt and she has a turtleneck top too.

Still no face. Still no hair. No current plan for her legs and feet.

But, I’m well on my way to completing what might become my first art doll.

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