Threading Beads Onto Yarn

As many needles as I have throughout my crafting stash, sometimes I just can not find a needle that will work for both beads and threads not commonly used with those beads.

Whether I’m trying to crochet with beads or embroider with beads, it can be a real headache to get the beads over the needle much less over the needle and two thicknesses of the yarn or thread I’m using.

One of the side-effects of working on a dozen things at once is that supplies not usually used together find themselves together on my work area. Today is one of those days.

The spool of beading wire that I am using with my sock monkey (tutorial is coming on that odd pairing, I hope) is sitting nearby and unraveling all over the place.

I wanted to add some beads to the embroidery that I’m working on. Embroidery needle is way to big for the beads. Thread is way to big for a real beading needle. Ah…what about one of those needle threaders? You know the kind, that dorky looking thing with a bit of wire that comes with sewing needles and is supposed to make threading needles easier?

Aha. Why not use the wire the same way those threaders work?

Works great. Easy and cheap too.

So, the next time you’re trying to crochet with beads or embroider with beads and are having trouble threading the beads, dig out some beading wire.

Granted, this won’t work for all situations. Two thicknesses of the yarn or thread and two thicknesses of the wire may still be too thick for the beads. And, you’re still not going to be able to string seed beads on 4-ply acrylic yarn but it will work in a pinch for most of your bead stringing needs.

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  1. Nancy

    This is one of those deceptively brilliant ideas that makes one wonder why they didn’t think of it first. Thank you. I now keep a bit of wire in all my project baskets.

  2. Pallie Spadafino

    Hi Crafty Tipster,
    Being that I have been crocheting since before the beading wire was common, I have a very simple tip for you that I was taught as a girl when I learned how to crochet.
    My Grandmother taught me this one.
    Take whatever thread or yarn you are working with and coat the end for about 1 inch with nail polish. Twist and pinch with fingers until it forms a nice point. Grandma liked to use bright red as she said it made it easy to see what she was doing. I still use this method and can get very small beads on almost any thread or yarn.

  3. Sandra Ellis

    Even easier is to use a bit of fishing line tied to the yarn.

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