Ruffled Crochet Doily Pattern

Ruffled Doily
Ruffled Crochet Doily

The Flower Stand vintage crochet doily pattern is one of several doily patterns from The Lady’s Album of Fancy Work. This pattern was first published in 1850.

The pattern suggests a particular brand of crochet thread and hook to use – I would use bedspread thread or a similar weight cotton and whatever hook size the thread manufacturer suggests.

The stitch names are slightly different then what we use today and the specific threads and colors may no longer be available.

Crochet Doily Pattern Stitches

CHAIN-STITCH OPEN CROCHET. This consists of five or any uneven number of loops attached by a plain stitch to every third stitch of the foundation, and in the succeeding rows to the centre loop of the chain of previous row.

THREE CHAIN CROCHET.—Work a chain of three loops as in chain-stitch open crochet.

DOUBLE CROCHET.—Work as follows: having made a chain, pass the needle through the first loop on the chain, draw the cotton through the loop, there will now be two loops on the needle, through these draw the cotton.

SINGLE CROCHET.—Insert the needle in the loops, and draw the cotton through this loop and that on the needle.

LONG STITCH.—Twist the cotton round the needle, pass it through the loop, draw the cotton through the first two loops on the needle, then catch the cotton again and draw it through the next two loops; there will be one loop left on the needle.

DOUBLE LONG STITCH.—This resembles long stitch, excepting that the cotton is twisted twice round the needle.

Vintage Ruffled Crochet Doily Pattern

Materials—Scarlet and green shaded or other colors of your choice – thread Berlin wool (entire crochet doily pattern is designed to be made from a single color); Penelope crochet needle No. 1.

With scarlet make a chain of 9 stitches, join and work a round in double crochet, increasing in every stitch.—

3d round. 1 long, 3 chain, miss 2 all round.—

4th round. 1 long in the centre stitch of chain, 4 chain; repeat all round.—

5th round. Double crochet.—

6th round. 3 long, the centre one above the 1 long in 3d round, 4 chain; repeat all round.—

7th round. 4 long worked in the 4 chain stitches, 4 chain; repeat all round.—

8th round. Double crochet.—

9th round. 4 long worked over the chain stitches, 6 chain; repeat.—

10th round. 1 stitch of solid long stitch in every loop.—

11th round (with the green wool). 1 long, 5 chain, miss 2; repeat.—

12th round. 1 long, 5 chain, miss 1; repeat.—

13th round. Chain of 7 stitches, worked in every third stitch with a plain stitch.—

14th and three following rounds. Chain of 9 stitches, worked in the centre stitch of chain of previous round.—

18th round. 3 chain, 1 plain, taking the centre chain-stitch of every 5th chain of 9; repeat all round, and this completes your crochet doily.

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  1. Dorothy Kopp

    Hi there,
    I would like a pattern for a small doilie(no larger than 7″ in diameter and that is including the ruffle)doilie. I will be getting married next year and I want to have ruffled doilies for the center of the tables with the centerpieces on it. I want the color to be white and not with flowers because the flower will be in the rose bowl which will be on the doilie. Also, is there any way that I can crochet a ruffle to a doilie that does not have a ruffle. What is the pattern to crochet the ruffle on the doilie. Please help me. I have been searching. Thank you very much. Dorothy……

  2. Michele

    Hi Dorothy,

    Congratulations on your pending wedding!

    Adding a ruffle to a crochet piece is not all that difficult. However, if you are adding a ruffle to a purchased doily your greatest challenge might be matching the color of white used. It might prove easier to use a second color than try for an exact match.

    For the most part a ruffle is created by making looping stitches that take up more space than the previous row. It’s hard to provide you with a “this is how you make a ruffle” answer because there are many techniques and depending on the rest of the doily some might look better than others. However, pretty much any doily pattern could include a ruffled edge except maybe pineapple and other patterns that create points.

    Also, if you want to add a bit of sparkle, you could use what’s called filament (very thin metallic thread) along with the white. You can probably find filament in most full service craft stores. It’s usually with the spooled thread or the DMC floss.

    Good luck on your hunt for a pattern and I hope you have a beautiful wedding and happy life with your future husband.



    p.s. Did you see this pattern Easy Doily Pattern? It wouldn’t be too difficult to add a ruffle to just about any of the rows. Let me know if you would be interested and I can see if I can work something up for you.

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