Spider Web Flower Motif

Free Crochet Pattern for a Spider Flower Motif by Michele Tway aka The Crafty TipsterThe spider web flower motif is oh so quick and easy to make. Even if you’ve not worked with crochet thread before, you can do this. And, if you aren’t ready to work with thread, this pattern makes a pretty circular doily with any size yarn – as long as it is tightly wound and doesn’t fuzz.

For my crochet spider web flower motifs, I used several different brands of crochet thread and a size 4 or 1.75mm hook.

I made mine using four different yarn colors with yarns from three different companies. The pink is Hobby Lobby’s Artiste size 10. The mint green is some vintage Clark’s Pearl Cotton and the yellow and purple came from Kurtzy on Amazon.

If you’re not familiar with the Kurtzy thread, check out my post reviewing this economical multi-colored crochet thread kit.

Crochet Stitches Used

This pattern is written using “American” crochet terms.

You’ll need to be familiar with chains, slip stitch, sc, hdc or half double crochet, dc or double crochet (1 loop on hook prior to inserting hook), and tr or treble stitch (2 loops on hook prior to inserting hook)

Spider Web Flower Motif Pattern

Round 1: Chain 12, join with slip stitch.

Michele’s Tip

Before stitching round 1, consider the photo at the top of this post. Notice that the purple motif is a little smaller than the others. That is because I made the first round with only 10 chains rather than 11 or 12. This pattern works fine with a foundation chain of 10, 11, or 12 stitches. The shorter that initial chain, the smaller your center and motif will be. But, don’t make it too small, otherwise your stitches will have to lay on top of each other to fit.

You could use a magic ring rather than a foundation chain. However, I think this motif benefits from using the chain as it makes the ring a bit more prominent and adds a slight Irish crochet look to it. And, if you are making several, it helps keep them more uniform in size.

Round 2: Ch 6, (counts as first treble + chain 2), *[tr in ring (not in stitches), ch 2], repeat until you have 17 trebles and 16 wedges. HDC into 4th chain of chain 6. (HDC replaces last ch 2)

Round 3: sc on hdc, *[ch 3, sc in next loop] around, end with ch 1, dc into sc you began row with.

Michele’s Tip

Your spider flower motif will look ruffled at this point. Don’t worry, it will flatten out as you work the next few rows.

Round 4: sc in place going into loop, *[ch 4, sc in next loop] around, end with ch 2, dc into sc you began row with.

Michele’s Tip

Gently tug the single crochets to the center of the chains as you work your way around. This will make the flower pattern more even and help it to lay flatter.

Round 5: sc in place, *[ch 5, sc in next loop] around, end with ch 3, dc into sc you began row with.

Round 6: sc in place, *[ch 6, sc in next loop] around, end with ch 3, dc into sc you began row with.

Round 7: sc in place, *[ch 7, sc in next loop] around, end with ch 3, tc into sc you began row with.

Round 8: sc in place, ch 3, 2 tr in same loop. *[3tr + 3 ch + 3tr in next loop] around. Make 3 tr and ch 3 then slip into 2nd chain of first chain three of this row.

Row 9: sc in place, ch 2, TURN, 6 dc in same loop, ch 1. Work 7dc + 1 ch in each loop around. After last chain, slip stitch to join. End off.

Michele’s Tip

Slide the double crochet stitches together to prevent working them on top of each other; this will make for a prettier finish and help the final round of your spider flower motif to lay flat.

Finishing Your Crochet Flower Motif

Grasp the edges of your little doily or spider web flower motif within the fingers of each hand. Gently pull your hands away from each other to stretch your work. Rotate the motif and stretch again. Think of how pizza makers stretch pizza dough. Continue stretching until it lays flat. Stretching it like this will also help to shift the chained loops into place.

Sew in the ends. Be sure to travel in several directions so they remain hidden even with use.

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