Valentine Heart, Light & a Great Deal

I suspect that I’m spending almost as much time fussing with getting decent photographs of the things I’m working on as I do on designing them.

The past few days have been gray and rainy and all of our attempts at getting some photos were an abject failure. The scanner did marginally better but with dimensional pieces it didn’t do as well. So, today’s sunshine came as a welcome relief. Finally, I can try to get some photos to share. I’m still working on getting photos of our elephants from our after Christmas elephant challenge but I did manage to get a nice one of the newest project that I’m working on…Valentine Rose Hearts!

my-white-heartI made it all in white; that way it could be used anytime, not just Valentine’s Day.

The base is a simple heart. I made the flower with the same technique I shared on my felt rose pattern. The leaves were simply elongated ovals with embroidery to make the veins and finish the edges.

I spent the longest time figuring out how to add a bit of bling to the whole thing. I stitched and removed several attempts. When I finally paired white beads with even tinier silver ones, I found the look I was going for. I’ve loved the white beads since I bought them. But, they never really worked for any of my projects. But, paired with the little silver ones, I think it makes a nice fringe-like border that ads both bling and glam to my felt Valentine Heart. I’ve done mine up as a pin.

Bright, but not enough

We splurged and bought a pair of Ottlights just before Christmas. We returned them back to JoAnn’s yesterday. The one I had fit on my desk perfectly but the 13watt bulb didn’t light up my world the way I thought it would. Mom picked out one with a magnifier surrounded by a ring of lights. The magnifier was only a 2x and it was hard to even tell the difference between magnified and unmagnified.

We’re still looking, but it seems like every review we read has folks complaining even with the new lights on, they still can’t see. Thank you to whomever decided the lightbulbs we’ve used for 100 years had to be replaced with craptastic stuff that doesn’t provide light good enough to embroider with.

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