Long and Short Stitch Tutorial

Ever wonder how they embroidered that sweet little satin purse or Oriental-inspired blouse of yours? To the trained eye, it's obviously a form of satin stitch. But, how are the beautiful shadings of color, like the pansy to the left, actually laid down on fabric? Today, much of this type of work is now being done by machine in the form of machine embroidery. But, for those of us who still wish to embroider by hand, this embroidery tutorial should explain how such fine work is done. This tutorial comes from a vintage lady's magazine. Rather than rewrite the instructions, I've simply included the original words and the original diagrams. In some later posts, I'll include some patterns that utilize this technique that you can use to embroider like the professionals and create your own dazzling pieces. Long and Short Satin Stitches The first group of stitches includes the simple elements by means…

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Crystal Bead Embellishment Basics

Learn about using crystal beads and flat back crystal embellishments to adorn your favorite clothes, gadgets and even shoes from our friends at Beads and Crystals.

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Crochet Flower Pattern – Morning Glory

Pretty, easy and super quick two-color crochet flower pattern. With each layer only requiring around 6 feet of yarn, it's a perfect way to use up those odd bits and pieces you love too much to throw out but are too small for much else.

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Vintage Crochet Doily Pattern

Wonderfully looped and stylized vintage crochet doily pattern. It uses only three stitches but it still looks like it might pose a challenge to even experienced crocheters.

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Double Ring Doily

Free Double Ring Doily Pattern designed for new crocheters with simple stitches and limited counting. Based on a vintage pattern with my own touches.

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Crochet Motif Pattern with Picots

Great vintage crochet motif with picots. I updated the pattern to include how to finish each row and share what it looks like using both crochet thread and 4-ply yarn.

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Crochet Edging Pattern

This is a simple little crochet edging that looks a bit like granny squares with a loop at the bottom. The edging is worked top to bottom rather than side to side as you will see once you give it a try. The only drawback with this particular crochet edging is that it will only look nice if you end after making one of the bottom loops which may make it too wide or narrow for whatever item you wish to attach it to.

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Welcome to The Crafty Tipster!

I would like to welcome new visitors to The Crafty Tipster and thank those of you who have stopped by and taken a moment or two to drop me a line. I hope you find my growing collection of original and vintage craft projects, patterns and ideas useful. A second original doily pattern is in the works and hopefully, it will be as well received as the Easy Crochet Doily Pattern was. There a number of nice crochet patterns I am putting the finishing touches and there are a number of great vintage crochet and knitting patterns ready to be added as well. Have you considered becoming a Tipster? Please visit Become a Tipster to learn more.

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