Felt Rose Pattern

Free felt rose pattern from The Crafty Tipster. Not really a pattern as much as a technique. Roses are super simple and quick to make and can be any size.

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Punch Needle Embroidery

An impulse buy of a needle punch kit at Christmas and the purchase a Dimensions needle punch - my thoughts on the needle and classical embroidery technique.

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Felt Elephant Pattern

Felt elephant pattern with a decorated blanket and hat. Free pattern created by TheCrafyTipster.com and designed to allow your own creativity to shine.

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Felt Stuffed Cat

My attempt at Sue Daniel's wonderful felt stuffed cat pattern. A sassy kitty atop a pillow requiring lots of tiny stitches and only a few dabs of glue.

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Polish Star Ornaments

Polish star ornaments are cheap and easy to make yet create a lovely Christmas decoration for your tree. Tutorial and project ideas included.

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