Wrapping Paper Storage Solution

Tubes of wrapping paper are bulky, fragile and take up a lot of space but not if you use this cheap wrapping paper storage idea from TheCraftyTipster.com. For our family it was one of those Eureka moments and one that you will hopefully find as useful as we do.

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Spool Knitting Project – Soap Covers

This super quick and easy tutorial for a spool knitting project to make soap covers. Glam up your soap or just make your own personal scrubby. Rub-a-dub-dubbing in the tub was never so much fun.

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Vintage Crochet Doily Pattern #3

It's been over 120 years since this crochet doily pattern was published which is good news for us because that puts it firmly in the public domain. This vintage doily consists of a central flower medallion and is surrounded by leaves and petals. I'm working on the pattern and know that the central crochet flower is quite pretty and could easily be used alone.

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Cross Stitch Bug Pattern

This embroidery pattern may be over 100 years old but its appeal is timeless. This cross stitch bug pattern is easy to stitch and quite pretty when done.

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Cross Stitch Background 1

This is the first of what will hopefully be many repeating cross stitch background patterns that I will be sharing with everyone. This one was originally designed by Therese de Dillmont.

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Vintage Cross Stitch Alphabet 2

Our second cross stitch alphabet pattern is for another vintage design. It stitches up somewhat large which would make it better suited for monograms and crafts than a traditional cross-stitch sampler.

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Christmas Embroidery Alphabet Pattern

A wonderful vintage Christmas embroidery pattern - a full set of the alphabet (well, one with only two letters missing, anyway) that you could use for all sorts of Christmas items - embroidered towels, Christmas ornaments, greeting cards, the list is virtually endless.

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Vintage Grapes and Leaves Embroidery Design

Another great vintage embroidery pattern from the folks at Godey's Lady's Magazine. This time we have a section of grape vine with leaves and clusters of grapes. The image shown here is only a small section of the overall design.

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