Ladies Knitted Long-Sleeved Sweater Pattern

This lovely vintage knit cardigan-style long-sleeve sweater looks quite stylish and the instructions don't appear to utilize any complicated stitches or methods - at least to this non-knitter, anyway. It does require several different sized knitting needles.

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Vintage Embroidery Designs

I stumbled across some great vintage embroidery designs in a vintage magazine that I thought might prove useful. These designs were added to trims and edgings on garments in 1860.

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French Knot Tutorial

French knots are perhaps one of the most critical stitches for an embroider to know. There are very few commercial embroidery kits that do not make use of this stitch to create eyes, flower parts or a multitude of other features.

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Bullion Knot Stitch Tutorial

Bullion knots are perhaps only second to French knots in their usefulness for embroiderers. They provide a spring-like texture that based on stitch length can be straight, curved or even used as a picot.

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Vintage Crochet Baby Booties Pattern

This vintage crochet pattern for a pair of baby bootees looks fairly straightforward. It calls for "twofold saxony" but I suspect using a standard baby weight yarn might produce the right size.

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Introduction to Cutwork Embroidery

In our article on how to sew the buttonhole stitch, we talked about created connections between open areas of cut-work with buttonhole connectors. This entry discusses two techniques for creating openwork using the buttonhole and overcast stitches.

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Buttonhole Stitch Tutorial

The buttonhole stitch is used for both buttons and some of the finest ornamental cut work embroidery designs. It is both ornamental and functional, making it a must have stitch in any embroiderer's arsenal. Learn how to make this important stitch and see examples of Venetian, Renaissance, Richelieu and Madeira embroidery.

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