Lotsa Loops Spool Knit Cat Toy

lotsa-loops-cat-toyThis toy can be as big or as small as you want it to be. Using whatever acrylic yarn that you have (wool fibers can cause problems for cats), use your spool knitter to create a cord several yards long – the longer you make it, the bushier you can make your toy or the longer the handle. The main gotcha with this project is to use a yarn and spool size that makes your Lotsa Loops Spool Knit Cat Toy too big for kitty to swallow yet light enough for kitty to carry and drag around the house.

This is a perfect project for children as it is fairly quick and easy to make and doesn’t require any special tools beyond a knitting spool which can be found at most craft stores and even some dollar only stores.

The Lotsa Loops Cat Toy starts with a length of cording made on a spool knitter. If you have not used a spool knitter or need a refresher, check out how to spool knit to learn how.

When making the Lotsa Loops Cat Toy, be sure to leave a tail several inches long when you spool knit your cording as this tail is critical to making the loops of the toy.

NOTE: I used some generic 4-ply acrylic and 3 prongs of my 6 prong spool knitter. I had worried that this toy would be too heavy for our cats but they seem to enjoy playing with it and even drag it around the house.

lotsa-loops1 Lotsa Loops Spool Knit Cat Toy – Step 1:Take the tail(unkitted end) and slide it through the cord about 8 inches from the end to create a loop. (It might help to use a crochet hook, tweezers, or even a fork to help pull the tail through the cord.)

Make a second loop as long as the first and slide the tail through to close the loop.

Make a third loop as long as the first and slide the tail through to close the loop.

lotsa-loops4 Lotsa Loops Spool Knit Cat Toy – Step 2:Pull the tail tight and slide it loosely through the loops starting with the first one you made. There should be a small loop between the first loop and the unused part of the cording. Slide the tail under this loop to create a slip knot. Repeat this step several more times to make the knot secure.
lotsa-loops5 Lotsa Loop Spool Knit Cat Toy – Step 3:Tuck in the ends and your cat toy is finished and ready for your cat to play with.


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