Wrapping Paper Storage Solution

Finally the wrapping paper won’t live in the back of the coat closet. No longer will we we be attacked by falling wrapping paper as it tips over and falls out of the closet. Finally, we found a great way to protect the wrapping paper, store it somewhere out of the way and have it somewhere we can get to it when we need it.

OK, so this isn’t exactly a “craft tutorial” or “family craft.” But, if you have ever thought it would be easier to throw out your leftover wrapping paper then figure out how to store it, you’ve come to the right place.

Best of all, this wrapping paper storage idea is cheap, cheap, cheap. No, you don’t need that fancy, plastic wrapping paper storage container they sell around Christmas. Not only do those things take up a ton of closet space, they also are often too short for the longer rolls.

Spacesaving & Easily Accessible

wrapping paper storageWe purchased a pair of under bed clothes storage bags. When filled with clothing, the darn things no longer fit under any of the beds. But, they easily contained our 9 rolls of wrapping paper including the extra long ones. There’s even room for tape, bows, ribbons, tissue paper and maybe even a few gift boxes.

We purchased the bags during Back to School season for only $4 at Dollar General. They might not have them all year. And, you might not find them at that great price but it will be worth it if you hunt one of these bad boys down. Trust me. The aggravation that those tilting, spinning and falling tubes of wrapping paper caused us is gone and that is certainly worth the $2 bag we used.

While I couldn’t find anything as cheap as the bags we found at Dollar General, Amazon does offer these…

We generally keep out bags unzipped at the one end. That provides for easier access and hopefully prolongs the life of what is no doubt a cheapie zipper.

The Fancy Option

I first shared this idea in 2012. I don’t remember seeing underbed bags designed for Christmas paper storage. But, they do offer more functionality than the simple bags we’re using. Of course, fancy bags do come with a fancier price. But, they have extra compartments, are made with more sturdy materials and are designed specifically to store gift wrapping supplies.

This one looks pretty cool. It does appear to be sturdier than many of the bags being sold for clothing. Just make sure the more structured bag will fit underneath your furniture.

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  1. Georgia

    Well darn. Why didn’t I think of that? Great idea.

  2. Janice

    I thought I must have the shortest bed in existence before I found your post. Add clothing into any of these bags more than a single layer deep and it was not going under. Add a blanket? Not a chance.

    I love this idea. We always keep a stash of birthday and non-holiday specific paper in the house. It seems like there’s always some event that requires a gift. Now, our paper safely lives under the bed. Easy peasy.

    Thanks bunches for a great space-saving, time-saving and birthday party saving idea!

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