Crochet is far from a new process. Some of the earliest patterns date back to the 1800s. Both crochet and knitting have enjoyed a huge renaissance in the past few years bringing new ideas and a wonderful array of yarns to work with.

Gone are goofy, under-stuffed, toys. Amigurumi and other modern techniques led to the creation of new, clever and whimsical creatures. Granny squares and doilies never looked so good and crochet clothing has gone from old-fashioned cardigans to high fashion and even the runways of the finest fashion houses.

I’ve been crocheting since my grandmother taught her some 30 years ago and will contribute heavily to the free crochet patterns and projects listed here as crochet is her favorite craft.

Please take a look around and try some of the great vintage and modern free crochet patterns listed here. And as always we look forward to seeing what you do with these patterns and would love to be able to share your favorite patterns as well.

Threading Beads Onto Yarn

A quick, easy and cheap way to thread beads onto yarn or thread when your needle is either too big for the beads or too small for the thread.

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Vintage Crochet Doily Pattern #3

It's been over 120 years since this crochet doily pattern was published which is good news for us because that puts it firmly in the public domain. This vintage doily consists of a central flower medallion and is surrounded by leaves and petals. I'm working on the pattern and know that the central crochet flower is quite pretty and could easily be used alone.

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Crochet Flower Pattern – Morning Glory

Pretty, easy and super quick two-color crochet flower pattern. With each layer only requiring around 6 feet of yarn, it's a perfect way to use up those odd bits and pieces you love too much to throw out but are too small for much else.

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Vintage Crochet Doily Pattern

Wonderfully looped and stylized vintage crochet doily pattern. It uses only three stitches but it still looks like it might pose a challenge to even experienced crocheters.

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Double Ring Doily

Free Double Ring Doily Pattern designed for new crocheters with simple stitches and limited counting. Based on a vintage pattern with my own touches.

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Crochet Motif Pattern with Picots

Great vintage crochet motif with picots. I updated the pattern to include how to finish each row and share what it looks like using both crochet thread and 4-ply yarn.

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Crochet Edging Pattern

This is a simple little crochet edging that looks a bit like granny squares with a loop at the bottom. The edging is worked top to bottom rather than side to side as you will see once you give it a try. The only drawback with this particular crochet edging is that it will only look nice if you end after making one of the bottom loops which may make it too wide or narrow for whatever item you wish to attach it to.

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