So many websites share family crafts. Seems like most of them are for really young children. Here on The Crafty Tipster, I hope to share family craft ideas that are good for most families. Just keep in mind, some fun craft ideas may not be appropriate for younger children or that they may require a bit more help to complete the project.

I’ve also shared at least one family craft project that did not go as we had planned. Sure, there are many folks getting great results with it, but, clearly painting with yarn and glue is not for everyone. Or at least, it wasn’t for our family. lol

You’ll find craft projects and tutorials that we have tried and enjoyed. And, I’ll also help you find some other great family crafting ideas to try.

As always, please drop me a line to let me know how it went.

No Bake Clay Recipe

There are so very many free clay recipes floating around on the web. It seems like most kids craft websites are simply posting the clay dough recipes without trying the clay first. Hopefully, we'll be adding more clay recipes in the future but, for now, this is the only one that we have tried for ourselves.

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